Mess free mussels at your event

Mussels are a fantastic ingredient! Why we love them:
  • they have huge punchy flavour
  • they are sustainably grown
  • can be prepared with so many international flavours
  • high in protein and lots of essential omega-3
BUT, they are messy! So here are some ways that we serve mussels on our cocktail party menus, without the mess:
  • Nuggets: An adults version of a kids, steam open the mussel, remove the "beard" and crumb with breadcrumbs or panko, then serve as a nugget with your favourite sauce
  • Grilled mussels:  Steam open the mussel, remove the beard and place back inside the half shell. Top with your favourite sauce (we love to do them saganaki style, as in the pic above) and grill.
  • Stuff: Steam open the mussel, remove beard, and place back in the half shell with stuffing: a mix of breadcrumbs and your favourite flavours- then bake. Try our recipe for Italian style "cozze ripiene" here!
And of course, if you'd like Bella's Feast Catering to do the hard work for you, contact us to get a quote for your event today!

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