Bella's Feast canapés menus are perfect for engagements, casual weddings, milestone birthday parties, anniversaries, product launches and any celebration with a party atmosphere.

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Our canapés menu features dishes cooked from the heart with fresh, seasonal produce. Treat your guests with exciting flavours which pay respect to recipes from around the world.

Every head is different, so we don’t charge per head. Instead, we charge per canapé – you can customise the menu to your budget, length of party and personal tastes. The choice is yours!

Mix it up with seafood, meat and vegetarian/vegan options. Plus, don’t forget to throw in some dairy and gluten free dishes for those of us with tummy problems.

We can always recommend a menu for you... or if you have a favourite food or special theme at your event why not let us custom design a menu?

Whatever you choose, there’s one thing for certain – the food will be delicious, the service flawless and the party with go off!

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