4 reasons to go vegan at your cocktail party

Vegan food... it scares the living daylights out of some people! This is why you should include some vegan options on your cocktail party menu:
  1. It CAN be delicious. Yup, just cos it doesn't have meat, doesn't mean it has no flavour. We add plenty of herbs and spices, and fresh in-season produce to maximise the flavour
  2. Many food are vegan already, and you didn't even notice. If you like olives, humus, vegetables, bread, fruit, preserves, beans, nuts, olive oil, then you love vegan food!
  3. Give back to vegan guests, as they are the ones giving back to the earth every day. Vegans are very unselfish people, and it's not always easy... so its a great way to say thank you to these guests
  4. Give to the earth. Of course, by making at least some of your food vegan, you are directly contributing towards making this world a better place.
Check out our cocktail party menus for some inspiration on vegan canapés!

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